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Dresser Makeover

My daughter’s dresser was purchased quite a few years ago and over time and after several moves it has started to show some wear. With a room makeover in the works, it was the perfect time to give her dresser a fresh new look and I knew just the paint to use! I love...

Turn An Old Mirror Into A Staple Showpiece

Do you have an old mirror lying around that just doesn’t fit with your style anymore? Well before you throw it out and buy a new one, think about refinishing it with RECLAIM paint. You can easily turn what used to be an unsightly frame into a piece that will go...

Designer Tip

Here’s another important trick when it comes to hardware, particularly kitchen hardware. Stay away from oblong or square shapes that only mount with one bolt. Reason being, your hardware will always be misaligned. Some will slant to the right and others to the left....
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